You’re Stronger

This portion of the blog is specifically dedicated to the ideas that I know to be valid. As a young woman growing up in the world we live in today, I know that there are a lot of mental health disorders coming up on the rise. Research shows that the numbers of adolescents and adults with unhealthy amounts of stress is reaching record highs. Mental Health Awareness is on the rise, however, from my experiences, there seems to be a lot of misconceptions about mental health disorders of all kinds. My goal with this is to encourage those who struggle with these disorders is to find encouragement, to help those who don’t struggle with them understand more what it is like, provide beneficial and practical ways to help yourself and those around you with these struggles, and eventually help provide a way to provide aid to those who cannot afford to get the aid they need for mental health.

That being said, please consider all those who are around you may struggle with battles you would never know about. Please consider this, and try to be the best version of a person you can be. Be kind, and always serve and love those around you the best you can.