Mission Statement

For me, the Bible is one thing I always go to for answers. There is something about going to the Creator of the Universe for advice and guidance that is truly amazing. As I have walked my journey with God, I have had the opportunity to study and observe how God has used numerous figures and situations in the Bible for His divine purpose. Thus with that being said, I feel like God’s purpose for me at this moment in time is to help young women discover all that God has in store for them and to help them realize how much He loves them. By using what I have learned through my quiet times, struggles, and the sermons I have heard, I plan to encourage ladies to pursue Jesus wholeheartedly and help them realize all of the wonderful and perfect things He has in store for them.

When we realize in full how much He loves us and we apply this in our lives, we are able to live free from the chains of this world. We are able to live like daughters of the One True King. We are able to live Radically and Recklessly Loved.