What’s the Point of This Website?

I have had this blog for a while now, and as I have published on it, I have absolutely loved it. Words, more specifically, words of encouragement come naturally for me. What I have focused on in the past is how to utilize Biblical stories,characters, as well as real life events to help provide practical life applications for people. Therefore (without me in the beginning knowing what the official name of what I was doing was called) I started an Online Ministry as a freshman in college.

As I progressing into my junior year, I want to make some slight alterations. Yes. The Online Encouragement posts will still be there. (Located under  the “Blog Posts” Page.) But I want to add something more. I personally believe that on top of reading the Bible and applying the Scriptures to my life, that I/ we need to take it one step further and apply it to the way we live. Not by judging and condoning people who don’t share our beliefs, BUT by so fully understanding and applying what we believe that we act in love and serve those around us. We as Christians are called to serve the world, not to change peoples minds about how the world works. That’s God’s job– not ours. Therefore, we need to act in love, not in judgment or hate. At the end of the day, we are all human. We are all human. We struggle. We fight. We love. We laugh. We cry, etc. Although we may come from different backgrounds, cultures, upbringings, etc. We all hunger for something. We all hunger for God. Some of us recognize it and turn to him, some of us don’t and turn to other things.

That is why we as Christians need to acknowledge this. We need to accept the stereotype placed upon us. We need to be open-minded and aware of the world, for the One we believe in is the only one who came, not just to change it, but to save it. And that is why we need to reevaluate our lives and see who we are serving. That is the purpose of this website. This is the needed change.

When we realize in full how much He loves us and we apply this in our lives, we are able to live free from the chains of this world. We are able to live like sons and daughters of the One True King. We are able to live radically and recklessly loved, and show the world the amazing grace that is the sacrifice and saving of humanity that came from Jesus Christ.